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Traffic Long Exposure

Improving flow and safety in mobility systems

We are making smart roadside sensor systems that capture information undetectable by humans 

Let machine vision do the work for you

We are a Norwegian software-as-a-service company that delivers mission critical information from real time video and audio streams, for accurate counting. We work with superhero counting accuracy without slowing down traffic, giving you instant error-free situational awareness. We are video-based counting solutions that track persons, vehicles and persons in vehicles.


Ferry Boarding Counter

Ferry operators in Norway have a challenge in counting persons in vehicles, due to the removal of manual ticketing in the ferry harbor. Security reasons compel ferry operators to know how many persons are onboard the ferry. Our sensors provide a complete overview to ferry operators about traffic boarding and disembarking ferries.

Roadways Vehicle Counter

With our counting solutions, we can classify all vehicles into categories and lengths, so you get a comprehensive look at the traffic in your premises. We subscribe to real-time data stream from cameras and process it to extract useful information, such as the size and the type of vehicles that are on the roads.


Tire scanning Counter

Winter tires in summer, and summer tires in winter? That's a slippery slope. Our sensors help us distinguish vehicle tires to check for robustness, type of tire, and general wear and tear.  Weather appropriate tires help keep roads safe and our solutions help reduce the need for manual inspection. 

A comprehensive dashboard to get the right data at the right time

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